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Information - Impressive Work by Ojay and Oxygen Thief

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Just over a week ago many reports on here became redundant due to Photoshop wanting to hold anyone who used their site for 3rd party hosting to ransom for a mere sum of $399 a year; so the links people had used would work again.

Every report I had done was now redundant, as with 1000's and 1000's of other reports on this site. Personally the thought of finding a new way to submit my images again as well as the time it would take was daunting. Plus something that I knew I couldn't do overnight.

Bring on @Ojay and @Oxygen Thief who have worked tirelessly over many days / nights reinstating the 10's of thousands of images to make the reports reports again :thumb

It's still very much work in progress by them, probably many of you were unaware that it was going on behind the scenes (as is a lot of work on here). Very impressed though at how many reports are now back up with photos agin

Cheers lads for the mega hard work going into this, I'll get the first few safety brews in next time we meet up :brew

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Top blokes are all admin and mod staff for this site, alot don't realise what goes on in the back to keep this site on top all UE sites.
Big thanks for them both :thumb


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Non of mine are working :( but good to know not all the reports have gone down the pan. Good work lads :thumb


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Yep a big thank you from me,i did update a few reports which where recent ish..but going back 7 years when the pics weren't great i wasn't sure i was going to bother,really appreciate the effort to restore as many as they have


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very good work folks :thumb

will somebody put information on how to upload photographs directly to the forum?
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