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Report - Inchindown Fuel Tanks, Scotland May 2010


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Every time I’d been past before (there was a bit of a detour involved – in fact quite a few hundred miles) I wasn’t able to get in, but this time while I found the Main Portal locked tight, the Secondary Portal was open. It was great wandering into the heart of a mountain hearing the echoes of my footsteps (or perhaps it’s that guy from GCHQ who I always hear following me when I’m in a mine) and wondering if someone was on their way to replace the lock. There’s a concrete lined section first, not a sign of graffiti (there’s a bit later on but pretty mild compared with down south), and then just bare rock with occasional props of damp black balsawood. The tanks are in recesses off the passage, 4 circular openings to each, they look a bit like sleeping pods on a starship. I crawled into one far enough to see the heater pads but the black chambers just ate the light. It looks like one should be able to get through to the Main Portal chambers via one of the tanks but there’s still a very smell of oil so I thought I’d leave it for a day when I was feeling suicidal.

I’d broken my tripod at the Invergordon fuel farm earlier so the pictures could be better (and a dog ate my best camera, and I can do really good pictures when I try, honest)

Some good reports below:


Interesting report on the cleaning of the fuel tanks so perhaps they are crossable :


Main Portal


View through the gate


Secondary Portal


Fuel Tanks


The reassuring strength of balsawood


Tunnel end


Best effort at a picture of the inside of a fuel tank (0 out of 10 ... try harder)


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Hi Canute.
hanks for a great report on Inchindown !! I am looking for the "linked" Rentokil Ailsa "case study" report PDF. Unfortunately i missed downloading it and their website is no longer available. I tried the Wayback machine site also to attempt to recover their web pages, but i was unsuccessful. Do you have a downloaded PDF of this case study by any chance ? kind regards, David

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