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Report - Indoor Cricket Stadium - Ipswich - September 2013


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Hello All,

I wanted to get out and do another explore in my local area, so thank you to mlcuk for the lead for this one - link here - http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/leads-rumours-news/80085-indoor-cricket-stadium-quasar-ipswich.html

I chose this place as it looks very easy! and i am just getting into the swing of things at the moment. Unfortunately, the ease of access has been exploited by vandals, and large parts of the site are just smashed to pieces. Also, the place is quite modern and I would much prefer to be in somewhere a bit older... but like they say, you have to start somewhere right? I also listened to the feedback from my last attempt, and left the pictures unedited!

There isn't much history on the place, but in my youth, I used to play cricket and 5-a-side football here and it always seemed very popular and full - I didn't even realise it had shut down! There are some receipts and cheques laying around that suggest that the last business was done in 2001. The local paper reports that the site will soon be developed into a children's residential home, link here for those interested.

So the explore:

mcluk was right, getting in was easy, this is the building from the driveway:

I was greeted by this mess in reception - everything smashed to pieces:

Last business could have been in 2001:

The champions from 1987:

They left some steps in case you needed access to any high stuff!

The Bar! I remember having a few drinks here!

This is the view from the corner of the last court, i cant zoom out any more as I have a fixed prime lens camera!

You could watch the matches right down the side of the nets, now just full of smashed up stuff:

Loads of stuff had been used to smash the windows and then deposited on the floor outside, a surviving trophy:

Thanks for viewing, feedback always welcome!