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Hi All

This isn't a report but pickings from various industrial sites in the UK, Europe and well as others. So just to show you guys I have been exploring around the past year and found the lovely Maison Heinen to which a photo shoot was going on when I scrambled in.

Met this cool Belgian gurl in Maison Heinen who I'm gonna explore with when I get back to the continent, she kindly gave me other location details in northern europe which would otherwise take a bit more time to find.

Here's some of the locations I've been to with self portraits as proof :). I'm not sure which is the most lethal site I've been to, whether that's Thyssen Krupp Sinteranlage or Grand Moulins De Paris, but fookin' eh! exploring around these places by yourself you gotta be that extra bit careful.

Chateaux Miranda

Linthwaite Dyeworks

Thryssen Krupp Sinteralage

Grand Moulins De Paris

Imerys Clay Driers, Cornwall

Sleaford Bass Maltings

Stewartby Brickworks

Textile firm, offices near Milan. There's a lot of industrial wasteland around Milan. I initially tried to get into SNIA Viscosa but got my legs hacked up in the undergrowth as I was only in shorts so gave up then drove to a small village a couple mile outside Milan.

You can see shifts in the global economy and what it's been doing to europe over the last two decades. Various industries are imploding in pockets around cities on the continent as producers in eastern europe, China as well as other emerging economies have such low cost bases that companies in the west have trouble competing with. Which is all in the plan for companys to survive and/or just to make the rich richer.


And the glorious Maison Heinen in Luxembourg. The newspapers were from 1946 & 1959.


In total I've been to 13 sites in just over a year. Not been anywhere since beginning of November when I went to Henein and Krupp. So an explore is on the cards in the next week.

Not sure exactly where this thread should belong, but as a majority of it is industrial mixed with european industrial sites I thought here in this forum would suit it alright.

Happy exploring ye old urban lot :)


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