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Lead or Rumour info - Info - Hoarders House - Cottage Farm Cars are gone 08-2014


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Hi All

As mentioned on a different report the cars from Cottage farm have now been cleared away.
Didn't believe (want to believe it) so I took a detour on my way to work.

Now its just a derp with some old outbuildings, not worth a visit at all unless your local.

Sad day, I enjoyed this place so much. had quite a few visits spending hours photographing the cars.
At least now my heart wont break very time I see that Citroen getting more and more trashed.

If like me you'd not settle until you see it with your own eyes I thought I'd pop a few iPhone photos up to save you the drive.

The Main Barn...


From the barn looking towards the house...


the Jags old home...



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vaguely remember threads on it years ago, but cant recall much of it.... or i could be getting mixed up with another post......was it an interesting place at one time then?

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28DL Full Member
Shame, was there not long ago, then I saw a new post somewhere, the area around the cottage had been cleared but the cars were still there. Not the best place I've been to, but as I like cars it had plenty for me.
Sad to see it all gone :(


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on a happier note, the classic car festival is doing well this year


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We only have your word the cars of gone. You could of photoshopped them out.
Perhaps you should return an do a selfie with a recent newspaper as evidence.