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28DL Full Member
Alright troops.

As someone who has only recently started exploring I was finding it hard to find places to visit and where to even start looking, so I thought I’d share a site that I’ve been using to find places to explore - some of the information on the buildings on this site are outdated so it’s worthwhile doing google maps and street view to have a look before going as a few tend to get restored or pulled down etc. The site is
( buildingsatrisk.org.uk )
here you can search the area or type of buildings you are looking for - it’s a register for Scotland only.

The only reason for this post is that it is hard to get started, especially if you are doing this yourself. I would of course be very careful about entering these buildings and make sure not to force entry as this is where you could face criminal charges if caught. I’ve only ever entered a building if it already has an opening to avoid any legal action being taken against me.

- To any experienced explorers -

Do you use this site or any like it?

Is there any information or advice you could share on entering buildings or climbing fences, that any beginner explorers should know?


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I’ve never heard of the site. General bit of research and keeping your eyes open usually does well.

As for entering buildings, I say go ahead, read the trespass law thread to find all you need to know.

Climbing fences on the other hand, don’t play about with pallasite as I found out this weekend.


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A lot of the Scottish goons trawl that site for places to explore, not saying its a bad thing to use at all but you'll forever be in a race with the multitude of goons up there if you restrict your research to that one site. A lot of the best stuff up there isn't on that site ;)

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