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Report - Ingelbourne manor - Wiltshire - jan 2015


Conrod the Barbarian
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Thanks to huey for the heads up on this place, unfortunately could only access one wing of the house so not as many of those lovely fireplaces pictured in his report im afraid, thanks again bud.

The mansion at Burton Hill, Malmesbury, the residence of Colonel Napier Miles, now called Ingelbourne Manor, was, until lately, called Burton Hill House. It occupies the site of a mansion destroyed by fire on Saturday, 14th March 1846, which had been shortly before erected by Mr. J. Cockerell, the owner's brother, but part or all of the house was burned down in 1846. It was rebuilt again in the same year in a Tudor Gothic style, probably again designed by Cockerell, (fn. 148) and enlarged in the later 19th century and the 20th. This last mansion replaced an older building. This house does not seem to have been the Manor House of Burton Hill, as the manorial rights, so far as we are able to trace them, were attached to another property in the tithing. Presumably, however, it formed part of the manor, which prior to the Dissolution was among the possessions of Malmesbury Abbey, and later passed to Wm. Stump. The original Burton Hill House was built south of the junction probably in the early 17th century.

The historic Burton Hill House School building, closed in 2007, was sold for £2 million. The buyers, who want to remain anonymous, intend to turn the 1840s building into luxury apartments. The Grade II listed former boarding school for students with severe physical and learning disabilities was shut in August 2007 by The Shaftesbury Society, the charity which ran it because of dwindling student numbers. It went on the market in June 2008 with a £3 million price tag. Andrew Macpherson from agents CKD Kennedy Macpherson acted for the buyers. He said: “Burton Hill House is such a fantastic building and, having been empty for a couple of years, deserves to have new life breathed into it.“The sale means that the period property will be occupied again and sympathetically transformed into exceptional accommodation.â€￾

the extreior of this place is absolutely stunning, dissapinted i couldnt get into the rest of the house as i could have easily spent all day here dicking about with my camera.

Few pics of the lovely place.












Ridge shot!


Check out those barley stack chimneys!!



busting out mortal kombat moves-one of the many dangers of exploring solo




dark as a well diggers ass down here



thanks for taking the time ladies and jelly spoons, hope you enjoyed-happy exploring

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
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WOW! Surprised this place is still doable - there were planning application notices along the street outside when we visited in October suggesting that building work was restarting in November - think a revisit is now in order

is there any access to the chapel?


Conrod the Barbarian
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The builders are definitely in im afraid, if youre going pick youre times wisely, as i say unfortunately i could only get into about a 1/4 of the place, no access to the chapel either im afraid. shame as looks like theres plenty more to see.


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Some lovely pictures, well done.

As for the chapel, it used to be a walk in with a choice of 2 different ways. Glad to see you made to the roof and the clock; fond memories. ;)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
hi guys,
I attempted to visit the manor this eve under darkness with a couple of pals,
Unfortunately the place now appears to be fully under construction with on site security.
Sold signs are up, along with construction companies signs, got so far before stumbling across a couple of portacabins with lights on and movement inside.
With this + all the cctv signs everywhere I decided to abort, assuming the camera screens were under surveillance by security in the cabins.
There's a chance I'm wrong of course, be interested to see if anyone could get any closer!
Wasn't a wasted evening, visited another location a few miles up the road which was a success and got in and out undetected. Am new to the site so please bear with me, with navigate a little and see if I can find somewhere suitable to put up the pics I took this evening :)


Conrod the Barbarian
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Not a chance in hell, this was 3 years ago and half way through a renovation, climb through a window now and you’ll probably end up on someone’s lap watching coronation street

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