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Inglenook - Farmhouse - Anglesey - March 2014


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This is my first report so bear with me. There is also less than the suggested minimum of 6 pictures which will be explained below. They were also phone camera photos so sorry about the shite quality.

I was having a general drive and walk around the an area in Anglesey thinking "there must be something around here that I haven't seen before that's abandoned" when I stumbled across this old farmhouse.

The house is almost next to a single track road where cyclists and walkers frequent but is completely overgrown. Ivy is up to the ceiling of the house but only the front door is boarded up. All the other windows are still glass (not broken) but the lover ones are all covered in Ivy. After climbing up the thorn filled path to the front door I found two windows to the right of the house that weren't ivy covered but they were too high to see into. So I put the phone up the first window and pressed it against the glass and snapped. Then I did the same with the second window but before I could snap "SHIT!!!" A face appeared in the window. I jumped about 3 foot in the air! It was a cat looking back at me in the window. I hastily made a retreat with a rapid heartbeat. The photo from the first window was surprising when I checked it out later though.

No idea about the history of the house, but it is on private land and a private road runs alongside it back towards a modern farm and farmhouse which I believe may be owned by the same people. There was rubbish bags at the back door of the house which made me wonder weather the house was lived in, but the amount of thorns you have to climb through just to get through the garden made me think twice. Not sure...

The outside of the house, the sun is out so a rubbish photo, you can make out the apex of the house with the height of the ivy.


the one photo I got through the window before being shit scared by the cat.


Hope it's ok for a first report. Would've got more pics of inside through the windows (or would've gone inside) had I not been shit scared by the cat face in the window.
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