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Report - Ingress park gatehouse, greenhithe - April 2011


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28DL Full Member
This all started out as a simple trip to the fast track tunnel, which turned out to be a double explore, the building is very ruined with only scaffolding holding up the walls, it has no floor or roofs and the pikeys have started to pinch the lead off the windows.

The boring part
This building was once part of the ingress park manor, before the land being turned into a housing estate, the only remaining parts is the manor, this gate house and other parts, unfortunatly this building cannot continue refurbishment until the fasttrack-bus system is finished.

The plan was to tunnel under the chalk to link greenhite station with ingress park estate, after construction the tunnel started subsiding and from then nothing has happenend.

The photos
  1. DSCF2347.jpg
  2. DSCF2356.jpg
  3. DSCF2375.jpg
  4. DSCF2378.jpg
  5. DSCF2382.jpg
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