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Report - 'Interzone', Bagley Dike, Sheffield, November 2017


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As far as I’m aware, this is a previously unreported drain, so I’m claiming naming rights and calling this ‘Interzone’ (because a drain named after a Joy Division song can only be a good thing). Feel free to put me in my place if I’m wrong...

Mapping and following the course of Bagley Dike has been a bit of an obsession over the past couple of weeks, in pursuit of something unexplored in Sheffield. Bagley Dike is one of a number of so-called ‘lost rivers, brooks and streams’ in Sheffield; scouring various maps (old and new) I’d found a number of places where it seemed to be culverted, or at least disappeared underground. A recce run of part of the course had eliminated a number of possibles as being either buried or too small; the origin in Longley Park, for instance, is a gated tiny pipe, culminating in an equally tiny outflow.


However, a few bits further along seemed do-able and, whilst out with @Esoteric Eric on a different mission (abandoned after a short attempt due to being too likely to cause death on a rainy day) we decided to check this one out.

Climbing down into an open section of the brook itself we headed towards what disappointingly seemed to be a choice of three tiny holes, releasing all manner of noxious egg stink underfoot as we went.


This wasn’t looking (or smelling) good... Foolishly undeterred we crawled single file into the largest hole, mistakenly hoping it would soon widen. It didn’t, as it transpired that we had entered some ancient stinking sewer pipe instead of the culvert. Shit, literally. Somehow, instead of leaving we decided see how far it went, and crawled the full length until it became too narrow to crawl any more. Advice: if you go for a look at this drain, don’t go in here - its proper foul.






Once out we discussed our next approach over a tiny and insufficient bottle of anti-bac hand sanitiser. Approaching from the other side of this short culverted section was much more successful. Compared to our previous crawl, this stoopy brick pipe seemed positively roomy and clean.



Taking pictures of Eric taking pictures of tunnels...


This short section ended on the other side of the small double holes (the ones we should have chosen) at an old bridge, incorporated into the culvert. An even nicer surprise was the small clay face peering out from side of the bridge, presumably the trademark of whoever built the thing.



Spurred on by a relative success we walked to another entry point. This section was even longer and, as a result of being knackered from previous crawling and stooping, we gave up before seeing the whole thing. Will return soon.

Nice double header...




Parts of this section were quite foggy...



After a while of walking, newer bricks make way for older styles...







Far too many more pictures here

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You get used to the smell of old poop after a while! I had to help dig out a latrine. A latrine that dated back to 1535 and the poop still stunk! We were on the dig for 6 weeks, one week peaked 34°c so imagine how that smelled.

Great name though and your pictures are amazing!


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Fabulous report and pix! And "small clay face" -- amazing find. Well done pal.