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Introducing myself + Crystal Palace Subway


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New around here, I'm into parkour and free running, not gonna be generic and do an awkward little introduction. So I'll contribute a little to the community.
Crystal Palace Subway .
- Under the road of the bus station/parade.
-It was used to bring people from Central to The Crystal Palace, but we all know how that worked out so the subway stopped being used
-The subway was open to the public up until the 80's when it was used for illegal raves which led it to be fenced off.
-Recently some company said they're gone re-open it, but believe me that's not happening anytime soon, but since it was briefly being worked on they made that really hard to get through palisade fencing .
-Me and my friend are gonna go there soon and find a way in, as for the hole under the fence you may have heard about. Don't bother. Think there's already a post on this but I just wanted to update it

So, in short hello I'm Timothy


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28DL Full Member

and everyone knows about crystal palace subway, dont even waste your time...just wait until open house

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