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28DL Full Member
Hello to all. I am totally new to this forum. I want to learn more about this place and how to find one and every other detail. I must confess I am not all that aware about a lot of details relating to this forum. I just like to meet more people and get know more people on various forums.


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Welcome to 28dl.

Stock replies to intros like this usually go something like “Put your local cities, towns or villages in the search box; find some places near you; visit them and take photos; do research and then post reports of them with history and photos; It doesn't have to be anything amazing but that way people are more likely to believe you’re an explorer and they might get in touch.”

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@Whitapers I see you've joined a few other random forums recently, cruise liners for starters. Welcome to 28DL :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
@Yorrick hmm sounds like the logical thing to do. I just need enough motivation these days lol

@The Lone Ranger hahaha I was waiting when somebody might say that since I am on quite a few forums these days. Thanks though!

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