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Report - Inverkip power station, Inverclyde Scotland. Moah Powa - April 09


The Human Turbine.
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Thurs 28th Jan 1988.
Shift: 0800 - 1500 hrs.

400Kv systems | Control panel now DEAD - RIP -
Fire systems | Routine fire alert tested at 11.15HRS, satisfactory

1500 ->?

400Kv | Message recieved from grid control at 16:19hrs that henceforth no longerrequired for system operation purposes.

I subsequently notified Grid control that henceforth the Inverkip CCR would not be staffed.


Signed 'M-'

Quoted from final Station log entry.

Where do you begin on the history of Inverkip powerstation??​

The Oil fired station was constructed throughout 1970-71 at a cost of £200 million to the taxpayer, Other oil fired powerstations where proposed, but today it remains the sole Oil fired powerstation constructed. Original plans where to build a powerstation able to produce around 2500MWs of power, which in terms of powerstations is VERY impressive. In comparison, Longannet produces 2400MW at peak. However, Oil prices where rising, and at completion of Inverkip, she had a maximum output of 2028, this was via 3 676mw Parsons Turbo Alternators (Turbines for short) Each turbine has its own Boiler, and, with everything in the full size thunderbirds playhouse, they are massive.

The oil crisis of 1973 was declared, and inverkip was immedietly seen as a white elephant. The SSEB looked somewhat silly, as they knew oil prices where rising, even in 1969. From 1973-1984 Kip produced no more than 800MWs at any given time, and this was rarely achieved. She was used as oversized donkey being used when power was needed to reach the national grids top up needs. However a huge point in Inverkips history was the 1984-86 Miner strike. As miners slung down their tools, Inverkip cleared its steam pipes and was released from its subdued political state. It was the only time the powerstation was used at 1900MWs, and it was short lived. The miners eventually dragged their boots back to the pits, and Inverkip was once again a 'Top up' powerstation.

1988 Saw the end, it was officially declared as a Strategic reserve. From 1988 to present, Inverkip recieved no further use, although maintained in amothballed state.

However, by the Millenium, Inverkips fate was obvious. Scheduled demolition is to run through 2009 and 2010.

My explores

I've had a weird fascination for Inverkip ever since i first heard of her. Its a massively unique place, The sheer scale is enough, but there is a lot more than first Glances, behind the Great fascades is a timewarp, like a scene from a 1970's sci-fi.

I never did complete what i set out to in the first place, its just too big. But I've visited numerous times, I've slept with her twice, and even took a nap inside one of the turbines... its a lasting relationship, thats for sure. Anyway, heres some pics to stop boring you! I've shot over a 1000 (a lot for me) so it was a bit of a quick proccess picking them out, and they may vary.


Lets start with the exterior...

Every visit i have had, there has always being close encounters with security, so exteriors have always being last on the list. The last visit had us on the rooftop clocking the guards movments as they searched for us, even inside of the powerstation, they didnt catch us though, but its good to say security is stepped up considerably!

However, once your down there, in the grounds, its a spectacular place, alive with wildlife. Moss, ferns, masses of black decaying steel, and the ever present flickering sodium lights, its an exploration in itself!


One of Unit 3's flues, stretching to the chimney.


24.5KV lines going underground out to the sub station

The roof of boiler 3, you really can't get a sense of scale here, but there is a person in the photo. Note the woodland which is now gone.


The Turbine hall

3 huge piers stretching across a mass of pipes and walkways. The size of the Units are larger than houses themselves, complimentary to the definition of 'power'. Along with the 2 huge 90 tonne cranes, oh and plus the 145 tonne crane...


Unit 2

the generator

Unit 3


Dehumidifiers, they give a distant echo across the whole Hall, a very eerie experience.




The roof structure is incredibly modern for its age

Inside of the chlorination control room if i remember correctly

These are the 24.5kv Transformer room most equipment is gone. The power lines (behind me) from the turbines connect to the 'buses' (i know that isnt their name, its late and i have a mental blank, please correct me!)

There is a lot of things hidden in the depths if Inverkip. This equipment is for Longannet.


There is many other parts not mentioned in this report, like the stores rooms and offices.


Stacked furnature and archived documents...

The Boilers

The buildings are a lot taller than the main turbine hall, which accomodate the fans fromt he ground right up to the condensers at the top.


If you catch the conditions just right at Inverkip, its truly outstanding, orange morning sun falls in through the masses of glass which surround the whole station. Its must have being a pleasant place to work.









The Human Turbine.
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Re: Inverkip power station, Inverclyde Scotland. Moah Powa report.


The chimney

Standing at 778ft, its the Tallest free standing structure in Scotland, and the 3rd tallest chimney in the UK. Its absolutely massive, the base of the monster is larger than a standard suburb grove, including the houses, it comprises of 5 Flues, one intended for Unit 4 which was never installed, the 5th flue being for the Auxillary power generator, and considerably smaller. It was a tiring climb...




A few shots in this report are shot on film, this is one, at about 50mm

Cladding on the flues, thats just 2, there is another 2 behind me, along with 5 Dropshafts from top to bottom.

The control room

I seen a picture of the control room, it was that which started my fascination for inverkip. Words, or pictures cannot describe what is presented before your eyes when you flick the 6 seperate light switches, as a different set of lights flicker on, slowly a mass of Control panels are on display, seemingly ripped out of a thunderbirds set. All Documents are present, along with the rows upon rows of Station manuals, containing rich drawings and procedures. The recievers still worked, along with the odd click of the timer which was set form the last emergency operation. Epic.







In the same Central control column for the Power station, are numerous rooms, storage rooms, relay rooms, and switch rooms, too much to list.

Many thanks if you have read this, its just a little insight into the place, which a lot of you already know of. Other people i have being there with Include Brickman, littlemike, vivo, wellwasp, cuban bloodhound and hmltangel, so thanks for your help too! Bloody ek, sounds like i've won a bafter, so thanks to my dog, and my family too.

I'm more than sure i have missed out considerable points, but, its late, im knakered, and i will have a re-read tommorow. Oh and sorry for the bandwith usage!



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