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Lead or Rumour info - IPS Ceramics Stoke On Trent..


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If your in stoke go and have a look, its not your typical pottery but has some nice big Kilns etc and a few features..seen a lot worse. Not seen a report on the place so may be new not too sure. When it come to reports i have become very lazy and thats not in the true spit of this forum i know but always happy to share anything with others who may do a report..


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I had a look here a good while back when they'd relocated to their new premises but couldn't find any way in at the time. Not bothered to go back recently as I thought this place had been flattened for building houses on?
Will take a peek as I might of gotten it wrong! Cheers for posting the lead :)


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Went here with Dweeb and Cat last year but there just wasn't anything to do a report of tbh. It was pretty stripped! They were removing asbestos out the kilns at the time i think but it was all just big empty sheds really.