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Report - Iron Foundry "Ursus" in Lublin 2015/2016


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Location: ul.Metalurgiczna 7 , Lublin
trade: metallurgical industry
Date: 1972-2000
one of the largest works of this type in Poland, the 90s the largest in Europe. He went bankrupt in 1999. I worked there for 10 thousand. employees. A few years after the bankruptcy has been removed.

Iron Foundry was built in 70s of the twentieth century. The investment PRL began in 1972, lasted 11 years, to be used for the entire automotive industry. For the implementation of the debt was incurred in the amount of $ 75 million. Was once the truck factory in Lublin, in later years, the Industry Association tractor - "Ursus". It was the most modern facility of this type in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe.Has been a huge two-storey hall was built on an area of 12 hectares. Zero level measuring 9 meters high - there reached railway wagons with scrap and were leaving with pre-cast elements. Level nine, it's a 13-meter-high hall. The two levels are connected to each concrete ramp at which the materials were entering lorry. Eight furnaces with a total capacity of nearly 100 tons was used for the smelting of pig iron.The project was never fully completed, achieved only 40 percent. assumed capacity. The heyday of the plant to the end of the 80s This is the time the largest employment about 3 thousand. employees, even though the plant has achieved only 40% of production capacity. Economic changes early 90s made the Lublin state-owned enterprises have begun to grapple with financial problems. In 2000. Foundry erected in liquidation.

Foundry problems:
Already in 1991, production at the factory stopped several times. Unpaid receivables from electricity caused a power outage for the plant. In 1998, the losses have generated plant reached 3.5 million per month. In the first quarter of 1999 years we have made an attempt to resuscitate the company Centrostal buying a failing firm for 8 million dollars. Even the placement of 23 million zlotys not opted for legs struggling with financial problems foundry. In September 1999, they quench furnaces. Three months later, workers began to slow at the moment 1,100 people. In 2000 he erected plant in liquidation. Within the hall they took place acquisition of scrap metal. In 2008. Hall was completely demolished, but remained area offices. There are several derelict buildings (swimming pools in the basement) with roof access.

Theft cobalt:

November 4, 2010, the State Atomic Energy Agency reported that the disused iron foundries Ursus disappeared seven containers and radioactive cobalt. Exploration dealt with the police and the Internal Security Agency. The threat was about big enough that in case of damage or breakage of the container may have enough to infect both internal and external. After two years of criminal proceedings prosecutors dropped an investigation considering that the containers have been put on the scrap, a radioactive substance is completely harmless.