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Report - Iron & Plastic (and everything between), Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, May 2019.


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Hamilton, just a bit south East of Glasgow was originally known as 'Cadzow' after one of the burns flowing through its core.
Oddly, the two drains we found on the Cadzow were short and modern, RCP affairs with a few old stone sections. 6ft but full of drops and pits.

The other burns within Hamilton, proved to be wildly more interesting.
The First, which i refer to as Cast Iron Madness, is a decently long culvert of a decent size and unusual design.
Ive seen steel drains... but a totally old Iron drain is proper rare.

(please note, my lense was still Scraped As Fuck here, so excuse the messy artifact in the left middle of each photo.)

Such a tidy outfall.


Old Transfer.

Full Strength!


Later Erosion.

Near the end, but stopped by a waist deep underwater blow out.

The next fixture was another 600m long edifice that had a big modern outfall, On a more Central Burn.

That lead onto a wonky modern 2004 plasticity.

Then into a chamber we had seen from outside about 20 minutes before.
This is a railway junction underpass, that until 2004 lead to an open stream. Flood mitigation has seen it converted into an enclosed chamber, where the old underpass feeds into the 8ft plastic pipes, with the addition of a.... WTF access ramp.
It is lovely.
Looking Downstream.


Looking upstream (basic photo, soz!)

This lead onto to 200m of huge walkwayed BRITISH RAIL Underpass.


We've found 40 drains up here in Scotland now. Over and above, Scots drains are good because they are full of shapechange variety.
These Hamilton Drains are top notch. N i loved doing then on a public holiday with Cuban, n having at least 4 drunk locals ask us what we were fishing, lol.
Good times man!

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Nice that, but youd never get me down one lol


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.it’s the wading through shite and fanny plasters that doesn’t appeal to me,or tripping and getting sucked into a death poop pit :)
Same here, CSO's don't bother me so much as they get a steady flow of brook water and rain/storm flow going through them.


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I was actually agreeing with you, btw, was merely trying to explain that culverts/CSO's and drains are a whole different animal to active sewer systems. No offence intended.
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Very nice, as usual. What happened at that blow out section? It just partially collapse? Somehow overlooked this report. And I've just come back from scotland. :(