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Is the gopro really worth the money?


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28DL Full Member
Hey guys
I have done quite a few explores taking pictures on my phone which in fair have turned up pretty decent when uploading them.
I'm now looking to filming some of my explores and have been looking at the gopros. They are a fair bit of money but I'm wondering if they are that much due to the brand name. I have looked at other cameras with really reviews. Just looking for other peoples opinions and experiences really.

Whats your best camera to use for exploring?


Got Epic?
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Not really. You can get simlar kit for alot less.

Probably want to consider if it's worth it at all tho because you have got to be doing some pretty epic exploring for a go-pro style cam to capture anything worth looking at. They are for filming action not derps. Better to invest in a decent slr camera and take proper photos, most do video too now.


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28DL Full Member
Thanks for the advice. I've always enjoyed taking photos of my explores, just wanted to do something a little different.


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Another vote for getting a camera and learning how to use that. With a few expections videos tend to be really boring and a nicely composed snap can do much more in terms of telling a story than a bit of wobbly camermanship and accompanying barely interilagble drivel that's not even occasionally funny about what the explorer can see.

Having said that, I'm in for suggestions of alternatives because I've got some shenanigans planned were my dslr will be tricky.


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Another vote for a proper camera. The GoPro doesn’t do well in low light so anywhere that’s even slightly shady ends up with a really grainy mess. A DSLR doesn’t have to be expensive either. Got my Nikon D3100 for £150, and my D90 before that was even cheaper. They’re not the fanciest cameras or very recent but they do the job I think, and they cost a lot less than my phone too.
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