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Report - Italian Distillery, August 2012


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Saul and possibly some bananas, I can't remember if I brought them or not.

Another blisteringly hot day....you know when you're wearing a backpack and it's all fine when it's wet and warm on your back but the second you take it off, your sweat-soaked T-shirt cools down and it's like someone chucking cold wet slugs at your back. Not pleasant!

There was much confusion in my head (not difficult to be fair) as to what this place was when I first saw it. I really wanted it to be one of those automated robot car parks that shuffle your vehicle into vertical slots high up in the air. Alas....this wasn't what it was. Thanks to DjMike for enlightening me ;)

There's so much to poke around here but we had so many miles to cover over seven days, it wasn't a relaxed wander around. Also, with it being ridiculously hot, everyone wanted an ice cream and from what I remember, they don't sell ice creams in abandoned distilleries. Quelle domage!

I'll warn those of a "sensitive nature" that this report contains some dead birds. I once had someone kick off saying they didn't like my photos of dead things so I've made sure to include more of them this time.