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Report - Ivy Bank Mill, Haworth, September 2011


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28DL Full Member
After reading AndyM's report from 3 years ago I thought I'd pop down to Haworth to have a snoop around what was a rather grand, late 18th century Mill.
Seeing the runious state it was in back then I had little hope as to whether there would be anything still standing, however the building remained; so I grabbed my mate and dived in.


External shot from the front of the mill, not too much in the way of a roof remaining.

Broken and burnt beams loomed over us as we stepped in, slighty unnerving but we soon got used to it.


However things got worse as we ventured further in. That floor did not look safe.


...but we went up anyway.


A shot of some machinery from the second floor. The purpsoe of the mill is still a mystery, however due to the location, we preseume textiles production.


Being explorers an attempt to get to the roof was always on the cards, however this was the only slightly feasible way. After bricks coming loose and dust in our eyes we decided to call it a day.

Overall a fun trip, check it out if you're in the area before the whole thing falls down.

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