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Report - - J Marr, Arctic Fishing Trawler Co, Hull. | Industrial Sites |

Report - J Marr, Arctic Fishing Trawler Co, Hull.

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Attatched to the Lord Line trawler headquarters, fronting onto the former Andrews Dock in Hull stands J Marr and Co. This fine building was built in 1949 along with much of this part of the dock. Business must have been booming at that time, as the office is lavishly fitted with wood paneling, stine fireplaces and a beautiful iron banistered staircase, featuring "M" in the ironwork. Even the doormat was customised!

The poor old place has been terribly damaged by the Hull down and outs since I first began photogrphing the dock. Coping stones have been dislodged, and the inside virtually destroyed. That said the beauty and grandure shines through.

This whole area was abandoned when the Cod and Haddock fishing trade virtually collapsed in the early 1990's. Those few remaining businesses soon left when the derelict buildings were frequently vandalised. There are plans to preserve the Lord Line office (although there is no sign of this soon) but J Marr is to be demolished, which is a pity.

Not the easiest place to photograph, but anyway...


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Didnt take enough pictures to warrant another report...

here's my take on this place...would have been awesome before it got ruined by pikies and kids...






turk ;)