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Jack House n that


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Hi people
A Drumchapel survivor who used to live on stories of the Rotundas and The other High Street. Had a habit of missing UX chances when younger. So anything about High Street and the Argyle tunnels would be lovely to see

Lord Oort

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Welcome :) Have a read of these threads to let you know how things work around here and to give you an idea of how to start.

If you have any questions afterwards just ask.

Best thing to do is get some reports up if you've already been to a few places or use the search box and see whats in your local area. Once you have a couple of reports up people will be far more likely to invite you out/trade locations.

Look forward to seeing some reports :thumb


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posting that is gonna put @chills out of work :D
I don’t mind other members posting the links if I haven’t got there first, just as long as they do it well!

I’m in the middle of a house move which Oort is fully aware of as we chat a lot, so it’s hard for me currently to keep upto date with all the goings on. Normal service should resume shortly when I have internet installed! In the meantime, thank you all! ✌

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