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Report - Jameah Islameah School (February 2019)


We all love a good corridor shot!
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Jameah Islameah...

The building was used as a boarding school for male Muslim pupils aged 11-16 (Secondary School). In December of 2005 the school had a mere nine pupils throughout the entirety of the school despite it operating on a 54 acre site! During an Ofsted report it was stated that the school “does not provide a satisfactory education for its pupils” leading to the closure of the site. Then less than a year later on the 1st of September 2006 the school was raided by over 100 police officers due to it being used as an Al-Qaeda training camp by over 50 Muslim men between 2003-2004, during the camp they were taught how to fire AK47’s and shown how to use mock rocket launchers! Despite this no arrests were made and the site was remained closed and abandoned.
Our visit:
During our visit we found easy access and entered the site quickly and quietly as we had no idea what lied on the other side of every wall round the perimeter of the building was an army of geese who made a hell of a noise and were aggressive to anyone who came near (they had a better effect than most security!) we couldn’t get into the building despite trying almost every door and window. This made it a great shame but not a wasted trip because it’s a beautiful building! Around the buildings perimeter also lies many cameras and sensors all part of a normal explore. What made it different was the fact that there were clean cars around the front ones that had been recently driven right up to the front door of the property past the gates so quite a few people obviously are living here (could it still be the people raided in 2006?) we also came across fresh footprints in the woods this could have been other explorers or people living here, who knows aye?







We all love a good corridor shot!
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Hahahahahahahaha!!!! The guy who lives there has trained those birds to go nuts when they see someone, he feeds them in a random pattern so they think they are getting fed when they see someone!
Honestly man it must have been one of the funniest things to ever happen it was brilliant! Defo want to get inside some day though it’s beautiful


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I went there a couple of years ago. Couldn't get inside but got into the church and another out building before getting chased off by the guy that lives there...
Exactly the same happened with us. Got into the church and was trying the main building but found no way in. The geese on the grounds started making a hell of a noise and we ended up getting chased off by a couple of pretty angry blokes.