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Report - James Thomas Engineering, Worcester, 28/01/18


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Hi all- I’m a new member of 28DL and this is my first post- so go easy!

I’ve been exploring disused and abandoned places since I was a kid…didn’t realise you it had a classification as ‘urban exploration’ or ‘urbex’…I was just being curious and had a thrill for exploring from a young age. That said- it was inspiring and somewhat relieving to stumble on this forum and discover there were likeminded people that too got a buzz from the challenge of finding a way into an empty and boarded up site and taking photos of the visit.

I’m from Worcestershire.

With that introduction over…please see below for my first post.

James Thomas Engineering, Diglis Basin, Worcester

History from their website:

James Thomas Engineering was born in a small garage in Bishampton England in 1977. From those humble beginnings, to a converted office unit, to a much larger 5000 square foot unit in 1980, the seeds were planted for a new industry leader in aluminium general purpose truss design. By 1983, James Thomas developed a pre-rigged truss design used by major rock bands on world tours.

Fast forward to 1990, James Thomas Engineering began manufacturing in the United States to keep truss design moving on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1992, the super truss system was designed. With this new truss design, it proved that James Thomas Engineering is on the leading edge of aluminium and general purpose truss design.

As the years pass, James Thomas Engineering continues to grow. As demand for our innovative super truss systems grew, and with new products such as the baby tower, created in 1996, a need for a new facility was created. In October of 2001, the office in the United States relocated to a new 30,000 foot facility specifically built on 6.28 acres.

From Jan 2016 to Mar 2017 the company went into administration and then Liquidation.

There is another company name on the site bill board which is listed as ‘Willems Contracting’- I’m assuming they were based on the same site.

It looks as if this firm were dissolved in August 2017 following liquidation as well.

Site visit:

This site was recently in our local paper as a neighbour to the site was complaining to the council about the state of the building, fly tipping and vandals.

The site is enclosed with heras fence panels- as are the buildings and entrance doors/windows within the site. That said there are many sizeable gaps to enter.

There are lots of signs from a security company as a visual warning- but I personally didn’t encounter any patrols or guards.

A road borders the site- and with the sites location being on a semi-active industrial estate/playing field and residential flats nearby- there’s plenty of eyes about.

There are 3 main building groups- all with blue steel and cladding with yellow block work.

1. The offices/reception areas: These are very easy to access and are spread over 2 floors. Lots of vandalism and graffiti. Lots of hazards to watch out for.

2. Warehouse no. 1- is connected to the reception area and has a large loading bay

3. Warehouse no.2- This is a separate building and suffered with fire damage in 2015. Couldn’t get into this building as was very secure and boarded up well.

Would be worth doing another visit to check out Warehouse no.2

Please scroll through the photos below and let me know if you know anything else about the site!






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Good report to be fair, in the fact that you've gone and found something, and researched it's history.

Just a Shane there wasn't a but more left behind for you to photograph!


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28DL Full Member
Good report to be fair, in the fact that you've gone and found something, and researched it's history.

Just a Shane there wasn't a but more left behind for you to photograph!
Cheers chap, I plan to go back soon. Do you know if there is a way of uploading multiple JPEG files at once when wetting a report?
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Checked this place out myself as don’t live to far from it but I still can’t find a safe way into the other factory building


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Scrolling through the reports to find something to read and this is a really nice report! I can't believe how quickly and severely this place has deteriorated I use to skate past this building regularly when I was at college its strange to see it like this now with my memory of it being operational. I will have to swing by and have a look around myself as I don't live far!

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