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Report - Jaw reservior starfish bunker april/2012

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Took a look at the Jaw Reservoir Starfish Control Bunker today. It was great to spend sometime out with my two youngest and a very scenic walk up to it. A little disapointing once we got there as the escape hatch cover has been removed so there is at least 6 inches of water throughout and it has a whole lot of litter in it too.

History bit

world war 2, they built "starfish" decoy bunkers in the kilpatrick hills overlooking dumbarton and clydebank area. the idea was that if bombers started a raid false fires would be lit to make the second wave think the target was a couple of miles away. guess what, it didn't work, clydebank was blitzed.

there are 3 of these bunkers that I am aware of in the kilpatrick hills.
Jaw, Douglas muir and Auchenreoch moor.

now to the pics, as ever "Dopey" the dog was with us too.

from the outside it doesn't look too bad

looking back through the entrance. notice the water which is throughout

its a standard entrance and 2 room layout

all the drainpipes are collapsing so the floodwater is there to stay I think

there were a couple of active birds nests in there so I tried not to disturb them too much

the roof is still intact

and there is graffiti there from at least 1969

in one room were these concrete bases

and remnants of wiring and piping

so over to the escape hatch

up and out

and thats about it.
if we get a dry summer, (NO feckin chance lol), then I may go back up and try to get better pics but I was standing on bricks and old cans etc to get across and stay dry.
cheers for looking
it may not be much but I went and saw it anyway.
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