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Lead or Rumour info - Jesmond gardens primary school, hartlepool


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I havnt really posted on this site but been a member for a while now. I use north east urbex quite a lot but it's closing down apparently and I don't have Facebook to join the group on there, unfortunatly.
If 'krypton' reads this can you get intouch mate ! I can't acces ne urbex to reply to your email.

Since jesmond school has moved to a new site, the old one has been left stood there empty, I believe there's a few on site security guards but not 100%. I just like the explore and don't even own a camera, so if any photographers fancies having a look at the place could you get in touch please.
It's a massive old building so should have plenty of good features etc.

Heres a picture of the site : http://m.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/webim...g_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/777979922.jpg

Cheers, Scott