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Jim Lives On (Solomon) Movie


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Its finally here, its took me 5+ hours a night for a week or so to do this, it was emotional task but had to do it in honour of my Brother, he deserved it..

This is also my very first time of doing anything like this, dont want to blow my own trumpet but i feel iv made him proud


Rest in Peice Brother, ill miss you always
I never knew solomon, taken young but lived every day to the max.
You should be proud of that movie and im sure solomon would have
been too.
R.I.P:Not Worthy


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28DL Full Member
A fitting tribute.

I'm sure he's looking down on you proud that you're carrying on doing the thing that he loved.


ian beal's twin brother..
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very moving...thanks for alowing everyone to enjoy..........:)



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Fantastic tribute to your brother, I never met him but from what I can tell he was a great guy. The video is a good way to share your brothers experiences with everyone, this way he really does live on. nice one mate.:)


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... Very nice tribute ...

The Stig

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Wished so much that i met him, such a cracking video mate, well done, he be happy with what you have done there :thumb


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Thanks for the comments

for the people that did'nt know Solomon or even for the people that did, he made a blog of his adventures, not sure if its already been linked on here

Yeah I've seen that before, it's a proper good travel diary, shame he didn't do this for years beforehand as well.


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...FFS Jim :rolleyes:


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Fitting Tribute, shame I never met the guy because Ive never heard a bad word said. RIP


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Yeah I've seen that before, it's a proper good travel diary, shame he didn't do this for years beforehand as well.
He done one for his first ever explore, when he went to India at 18-19, he written it in a little note book, might try and write it up on word file, its a good funny read as you can imagine :)


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Very touching and really well made. Puts alot into perspective for sure :)

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