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Jim Lives On (Solomon) Movie

The Engineer

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I never met him, I watched alot of stuff with him on U-Tube etc, a truly inspirational guy, who did what alot of us can only dream, the video is a fantastic tribute and as you say a bit of him lives on in you.

Look forward to meeting you one day Horus.


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28DL Full Member
Never knew Solomon as im new to exploring but you are to be admired horus great job on the video. I'm sure he is very proud of you. Best wishes mate


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28DL Full Member
a nice tribute, mate. you know, i don't have much time to read this forum as i wished, so i did not know about him or even you were his brother when we met in Paris. maybe we'll meet again and we could chat about him for a while. cheers man ;)


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28DL Member
Just watched the vid and Im lost for words. I didnt knowthe guy but looked like he lived to the fullest and will continue to live on through all our adventures. truly inspirational, well done mate


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28DL Full Member
Rest in Peace Jim...
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