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Report - John Lewis Warehouse Stevenage March 2017


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First post so be kind. Been to a lot of places since I started this around 4 years ago, yet this is the first place I will write a report on as it is pretty notable and at the same time un-noted as of yet.

I spotted at the beginning of the month someone had listed this on the Locations map and figured I'd go check it out, looked at it for 3 or 4 separate 'scouting' missions with a group of people I believed had their wits about them. and these is the notes I've gathered.
  • Maybe not security, but on 2 of the scouting missions we have spotted movement inside, and a car parked inside the fenced car park
  • There is power, CCTV is on site, whether it is monitored I haven't noticed.
  • There is a gap in the fence on the northern border, you could probably hop the gates aswell.
  • This place is H U G E.
  • When we were in their, we weren't alone.
On previous visits we've spent 20mins walking around the exterior to find no access, todays visit on the otherhand a door was open, which was alarming at first and we became very aware of who else might be on site, but whatever we powered through and ventured inside.


FOLLOW LINK FOR PHOTO GALLERY: http://imgur.com/a/7dSxv
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You really need to post the pictures actually in your report rather than just a link to them!


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This place looks interesting.. looks a good mooch

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