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Report - John Pounds Scrap Yard, Portsmouth - 16/12/08



Well my very first outing with the camera with a m8 from work, know its been done a few times before but figured i would throw up what i have anyways as im new :D

so yea.. seems that this is where some ex military vehicles have come to die... unfortunately i put my camera away before discovering the HUGE ship on the other side of the docks (lesson learnt lol)

but yea, first time ive been using my cam; let alone a tripod so if anything i learn a hell of a lot how to use them (or how not to)

entry was pretty easy, and a good laugh, with my m8 persistent there was an easier way in that involved edging across a pit full of sewage/stale sea water to lead to a dead ended thanks to someone welding up the hole :D haha and getting out was pterry fun with some kind of meeting between men in white vans at our exit point, so we kinda shuffled past hoping it wasnt a drug deal lol :p

either way was a great few hours out the house and a good laugh

feedback would be great :D, although be gentle im new to all this ^^

so.. on with the pics!


first up the HUGE ... things


noticed they have numbers running down the side of the ladders, im guessing to tell the poor sod climbing them how far from the ground they are


shame it was overcast and getting dark.. although worked out well for what lurked over the other side of the motorway



being new to all this i was amazed at how colourful everything came out on the "recommended" settings mode





would never recognise this motorway from driving on it!



it was getting on about this point so decided to call it a day and head back out with my new headtourch toy (great bit of kit for the price!)

we will be thinking ahead of time for our next report to get some better conditions to shoot in, although still a great day out :D


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