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Report - John Tams Pottery - Stoke-On-Trent - July 2010

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I think part of this history came from this site and a couple of others :)

In 1864 John Tams and William Lowe were two pottery companies who came from a partnership "Tams & Lowe" which split up in 1874. John Tams then formed the company on his own, in 1903 became John Tams & Son and in 1912 John Tams Ltd. Tams Group Limited was formed in April 2000. It was a management buy in of part of the former John Tams Group PLC, which went into receivership in February 2000.

Tams Group Limited bought the rights to Tams, Royal Grafton and Grafton Living. Marketing these brands and still manufacturing in Longton, Stoke on Trent - in 2002 was the biggest ceramic employer in Longton and one of the biggest mugs manufacturer in Europe.

The company operated from the Crown Works on The Strand in Longton and also had the Blythe, Sutherland and Atlas works in Longton - and a warehouse at the former Monarch flatware site in Fenton. In 2006 the group went into receivership and finally closed.

Looks like this machine would glaze the mugs automatically

Didnt expect to see Glitto!

Not a bad little explore! Shame the pikeys have had all the copper! Could hear running water where they had stolen all the copper pipe!

Rest of the images can be found here


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nice one mate was a good day thanks for driving,shame claire could not go.


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28DL Full Member
hmmm shame i am so jealous and think i may need to refrain from speaking to you lol bloody ex husbands and kids ruin everything.


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Dam dave you got in after we couldn't even find it last time LOL
nah wrong one mate,you shoud have come rather than wanking over rovers :Dlol

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