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Just a lad from Staffordshire


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What's good people, hope your all doing well.

Currently live in the Staffordshire area and have been exploring for a few years now with a group of friends. We have visited a number of sites over the years although nothing majorly intriguing we do love a good walk in the country side with hopes of coming across a place or two.

Have a few pictures that I want to create a report for so will do that soon when I know some history.

Apart from that nice to meet you all I hope to engage with some people maybe even from the area I am from..

Thanks, Danny.


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Welcome to the site!

Have a read of the following link to help you get a feel of the site and how things work:

And have a read of this guide to help you posting a report:

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!


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Thanks all, yeah I have read through those posts yeah. I'm just writing a report only I don't have much history only a few words from a farmer about the site it was on.

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