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Just saying hello from Warrington.


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28DL Member
Hi all, new to the Site and urban exploration,
Stumbled across the site when looking for interesting walks.
Just wanted to say fantastic site and very good informative reports.
Been to a few local locations last couple of weeks after reading reports on here.
Ivy house stretton and Hartshead power station, using a 360 camera with varying degrees of quality. Both been extensively reviewed, so properly won't post.
Thanks again for introducing me to urban exploration.


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Hi and welcome to 28DL

If you haven't already done so have a read of this sticky post as it is full of useful information about the way things do work on the bulletin board:

The best way to get people to open up more to you is by contributing to the bulletin board and as you have already visited some places they could form the basis of your first few reports. If a site has been extensively covered before then think about how you can make your own post more individual.

Before posting a report check the other stickies for guidance, such as the one about how to post a report

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon and in the meantime if you have any other questions abouit the way things work then ask.

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