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Report - Kangol factory, cleator moor, cumbria. October 2013.


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Visited solo whilst working in the local area, I didn't plan to visit here or anywhere that day, by chance I drove past and spotted the place, :laugh

Founded in Cleator, Cumbria, England in 1938 by Jaques Spreiregen, Kangol (the K from silk, the ANG from angora, the OL from wool) produced hats for workers, golfers, and especially soldiers. They were the major beret suppliers to the armed forces during World War II, including famously Field Marshal Montgomery.

During and after the war, Kangol berets were the height of fashion. In the 1960s, designers Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin worked with the company, whose products graced the heads of the rich and famous, including the Beatles and Arnold Palmer, and later Princess Diana. The company also supplied uniformed organisations such as the Scout Association.
In the 1980s Kangol berets entered a new phase of fashion history with their adoption by members of the hip-hop community, such as Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Kangol Kid of UTFO, and The Notorious B.I.G.. The release of more consciously stylish products in the 1990s such as the furgora (angora-wool mix) Spitfire, was helped by its presence upon the head of Samuel L. Jackson in 1997.[1] Kevin Eubanks, bandleader for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, sports a Kangol beret on an almost nightly basis. In 2009, Eminem wore the Cotton Twill Army Cap Kangol hat on his Beautiful video.
Kangol has been owned by Sports World since 2006, when they acquired the brand from private equity fund, August Equity Trust. Licenses to manufacture and sell Kangol apparel have been sold to many different companies including D2 and Topshop. The global rights to Kangol hats have been held by American hatmakers Bollman Headwear since 2002.[2]
It was announced in February 2009 that Bollman were reviewing their worldwide operations, putting 33 jobs and the future of the Kangol head office in Cleator in doubt.[3] On 6 April 2009, it was announced that the original factory would be converted to a warehouse with the loss of 25 jobs. Only 7 employees now remain employed at the company's original site and the outlet shop will close at the end of August 2009. However, hats will continue to be made at their sites in Eastern Europe & the United States.

The older part of the site which looked very interesting was sealed up tighter than a submarine door, and as I didn't have a cherry picker to hand for assistance it was undoable :(

Also didn't have my tripod so we have some shakey shots.

At least the KANGOL sign was still there.

Very popular with dog walkers now, I got a few funny looks from locals.

This was the older part of the site, gutted about the lack of access.

It would have been nice to have found a hat or something, this is the nearest I could get.

Old pressing machine.




I was going to get on top, then noticed the bottom section of ladder had been removed.


Thanks for looking, not the best of sites, but I was passing! Telf.