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Report - Kaserne Vogelsang, Zehdenick Germany, November 2014


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History paraphrased from Wikipedia.

Built in 1952 to house 15,000 people including military personnel and their families. The town was self contained and had off-limit areas for non-essential personnel. It was home to nuclear missiles pointed Westward from 1959 to probably 1967. Abandoned and partly demolished in 1994 when the Russian Army withdrew.

We left Haselhorst, Berlin at around 8am, travelling by U-Bahn and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen, then getting a regional train to Oranienburg and then a regional train from there. We missed our connection in Oranienburg so had to wait another hour till the next one. Getting to Vogelsang at just after midday meant we had only around 4 hours of daylight left, nowhere near enough to cover the whole site. Along the way we saw wild boar and deer just roaming what once were streets, unfortunatly they were too quick for me to get a photo. We also missed the nuclear missile bunkers, but I am planning a revisit around March so watch this space...

Enough waffle, onto the photos...
The long walk in:

Obligatory peely paint shot:

Cafe: (props to FaZy_UK for the translation)

The highlight of the visit, I love this mural:

Part of the same mural:

Not sure why, but this made me think of Chernobyl:

The famous gymnasium:

The Soviets sure did like their saunas, they were everywhere:

Just after we spooked some deer:

Watching over the tank storage area:

Monarch of all I survey:

Dachas where I assume families were allowed to 'holiday':

So far my favourite of all the places I've explored. I can't wait to return and see the rest of it.

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