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Video Report - Keelby Heavy AA Battery, Lincolnshire


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Here is my visit to the heavy AA Battery at Keelby in Lincolnshire. I've driven past this a hundred times and didn't even know it was there. So it was good to explore the ruins of this former military facility almost on my doorstep.

I parked on the main road in a field just across from a horses stable, which sits in front of the woods. I didn't want to stroll through the horse yards but about 100 yards up the road towards Keelby there is a public footpath that runs along North Beck Drain towards the woods. If you take this to the end and then take a left into the woods you will come upon the AA facility.

It has lots of buildings attached to each gun mount and all the buildings where full of water.

watch the water i got a burning sensation on my feet which stayed till i washed then when i get home, god knows whats in the dirty water.


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