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Report (Permission Visit) Kelenföld Power Plant, Budapest 2019


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Last summer we made our dream came true. We visited one of the most known urbex objects. Probably each urbex-lover has heard about The Abandoned Kelenföld Power Plant. When we show the photos from this place, a lot of people ask us about the entrance pro-tips. We would like to help them. We believe that all of you are going to take only pictures and leave only footsteps. If we knew the common entrance, we would like to share our knowledge with you. But the truth is that we had a lot of luck. We arrived at our destination and we saw, that some works were been doing there. Too many people for one abandoned place ;) We knew that any try to get inside may be noticed as a burglary. So we tried to talk with the stuff. One man wouldn't help us but we told him about our origin. When he heard that we are from Poland, he decided to help us "in the name of Polish-Hungarian friendship". He was our guide there and we have amazing photos from this place.


First, we would like to show you a landmark of this place - a control room with an art - deco roof.


And the... A single photo of this roof. We find it's amazing. We should be grateful to Kálmán Reichl and Virgil Borbíró - two architects who designed this object.


The power plant was erected in 1914 and it delivered over 60% energy in Budapest.


Any renovations or demolished of the control room are forbidden. It's regulated by Hungarian law.


We got there by a curvy staircase.


Have you noticed, that the floor is made of glass? It protected the employees from a high voltage.


Ok, but what is the funny house in the middle of the control room? It's a shelter. The art-deco roof looks brilliant, but it was an easy bombing target to bomb. The shelter was built before the war to save the employees in case of bombardment. Luckily, the power plant survived the war without being destroyed and we can admire the art-deco roof nowadays.

Probably, everyone saw a lot of photos from the interior. But how the Kelenföld Power Plant looks outside? Now you know :cool:


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I have to say that's the first photo I've seen of the outside, great work.

Calamity Jane

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Stunning set, and good fortune too. Really fantastic place, never tire of it. If you have anymore photos from your exclusive tour please share them. These are excellent :thumb


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That's a cool story of the guy helping you out. I doubt that would have happened if you were British! luckily there are other ways :)

Very good set of photos! If anything not enough :p
Lots more on the blog post if you click the link mate