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Report - Kellingley colliery a visit from Aug 2016 & Aug 2017


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My visits to the big k did quite go to plan..
1st visit in 2016 we managed to have a good look around the coal prep plant as we was about to get into the head stock we wer spotted by secca....
2nd visit in 2017 was miles better. Got into the site no problems. Had a look round everywhere decided to go up the headstock as we got to the the top level we noticed 7 bone heads coming over a mound in the back of the site so we stayed out the way. Next thing demo lads sec with his dog and police was soon all over the site. After sitting put for about a hour we decided to give it up hahah. They was cool. Jus wanted to know where the others had gone.
Sorry about the poor quility photos.

Little bit about the place

The colliery closed on 18 December 2015, marking the end of deep-pit coal mining in Britain.
Spread out on the sturdy boardroom table in Shaun McLoughlin’s office is a large surveyor’s map. It is difficult to decipher: a series of numbers, lines and blocks of colour cover the large sheet of paper. However, in the corner it says: Kellingley Colliery, Silkstone Seam, 2013-2018 Five Year Plan.

But the five-year plan is just that: a plan.

On December 18 McLoughlin, the manager of the colliery, will oversee the last shift in this West Yorkshire pit, the very last deep coal mine in Britain. The coal industry that fuelled a revolution and an empire will come to an end. Miners will go the way of tapsters, cordwainers and chiffoniers and enter our history books as a trade from a bygone era.

This is where we sat watching all the mayhem


This was a tight squeeze into here. Sec was close by and a man working..trying to keep quite seemed hard.



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