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Report - - Kelsterton Brewery, Connah's Quay, NE Wales | Underground Sites |

Report - Kelsterton Brewery, Connah's Quay, NE Wales

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This place is less than a mile from where I live, so I've known about it for decades. There's always been rumours of it being haunted, but I think that was just schoolkids making the place as scary as possible!

At some point in the past, there was a brewery near the end of Kelsterton Lane in Connah's Quay. The lane was surrounded by woodland on either side back then (some houses have encroached in recent years), so the brewery would have been set in the trees with the lane acting as an access road to it. The brewery's only about 10 yards from the lane. A wall lines both sides of the lane, and you can see the brewery through a gap in this wall, which forms the start of a driveway.

But the reason the brewery was a scary place to go when we were young was because of the underground storage tunnels. Not much has survived above above ground, except for the shells of some outbuildings. But the subterraenean tunnels are still there. There's two of them, running parallel with each other, with a gap connecting the two at their midpoint. They're not very long, maybe 50ft, and are maybe 8ft tall and the same wide. But even though they're not very big, they're still pretty creepy!

There's 2 narrow gaps to get inside. Both have been filled with rubble and dirt, but there's still enough space to slide through the gap and down the incline of rubble. The ceiling of the tunnels is pretty much at ground level, so you're not very deep underground either.

Flash Earth co-ordinates -

53' 13' 39.3" N
03' 05' 0.8" W

This is the entrance to use -


This is the other entrance, too narrow to get through, but it leads to the same tunnel anyway -


First tunnel (you can see the gap into the second tunnel on the left) -


Second tunnel -


Looking back at the entrance -


The main outbuilding -


Stream running under part of the outbuilding -

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The Brewery site appears to have succumbed to housing

Edit Doh! the nine years since the report was posted!


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28DL Full Member
Thank God for that :thumb

No more Ghostly/creepy /scary/empty (delete as applocable) tunnels ;)

2007 must have been a bad year for epic explorers :D