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Report - Kelton Covent, Liverpool. March 2014


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Visited this spot in March with a friend of mine who is not a member of the forum. Rotten to the core this one, dodgy floors that got worse as you went nearer to the section where the roof/ceiling has collapsed taking two floors with it. In this area there is quite big holes in the flooring and parts of the ceiling don't look to great. Parts of the basement where interesting with one section looking like a room had collapsed from the above floor leaving it on a strange angle. Bit of a mad mooch this one, worth a look if you are in the area I'd say.

Built around 1800 as a private residence called Kelton with extensive land/gardens and a lodge.
Around 1900, the Catholic Church purchased it as a home for "Penitents and Children" and was part of the "Sacred Heart convents", it was also known as the Kelton (House of Providence)". Basically it was a home for "Unmarried Mothers", the children were adopted off and the mothers were effectively in servitude, usually working in laundries. At some time the two hall extensions and chapel were built, another large building was built on the land which may have been a laundry. The convent appears to have closed in the early 1980s.
The lodge is now fully restored and is a private residence, most of the land has been built on, there was a developer interested in the convent, planning permission was applied for but he went bust before getting started.

FROM 2008
Around £7.5m is to be spent to restore a derelict former convent in South Liverpool into luxury apartments
The former Kelton Convent, Woodlands Road, Aigburth, will be converted into 14 apartments and 26 new flats will also be built in two new wings in the grounds to help pay for the restoration of the existing grade II listed buildings. Liverpool councils planning committee heard yesterday that without the new flats the restoration would not be possible as the work will cost £7.5m but the apartments will sell for less than £5m. Five nearby residents wrote to the council to oppose the scheme for a variety of reasons which included protests about the increase in traffic in the area and loss of amenity. Architect Richard Cass told the committee that the building would be restored to its former glory.

I guess this is the failed attempt at renovation of the convent.















Hope You Enjoy The Photos



He Never Even Got There
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Good to see inside been years since i was in here

Thanks for sharing


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No problem Georgie, your welcome. Checked out your photos from 2012, looks like the place has took a turn for the worst. Cool set by the way.


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AS the Kwan says ..the exterior is full of promise shame its seen better days inside,well done fro cracking on tho


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Thanks for looking Dave. Yeah, the place is fucked mate. I was thinking the same myself while in the spot and while looking at the photos, how can this be pulled round.

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