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Report - Kermit's Lair - August 2011.


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Kermit's Lair

I remember lifting a lid sometime last year and staring down into the overflow chamber of this place.. The ladders had been pikey'd so it was a no-go :banghead

Fast forward over a year and I decided to check on some more leads

It was now pissing down, and the first destination I arrived at was a non starter due to the amount of discharge spewing from pipeZ

I headed over to another location and waited for the rain to subside, after navigating my way down to the riverbank I stumbled upon this newer looking outfall, perhaps just as well as the other was a shrinker and I gave up!


Quickly climbing down, I made my way up the 1.6M RCP, which despite the rain still had a reasonable flow, which I soon discovered was flowing from a smaller storm drain about 20M in


As I headed up the RCP, the flow continued, until I reached the first inspection chamber, around 60M in another smaller pipe was responsible for the flow


Ahead, the pipe was much drier and had now shrunk to around 5ft, as I continued I could see daylight in the distance

It wasn't long before I reached a slightly larger inspection chamber, with a set of rungs to a platform above and ladders to some heavy liddage


(Looking Down)


I now got a whiff of fresh, the RCP seemed relentless, but actually after a re-visit wasn't all that long.. the final destination a CSO chamber with pikey'd ladders..


..Oh wait, haven't we been here before?

It was indeed the void that I stared into 12 months previous, with no chance of access :popcorn

Now this place started to look kinda familiar, and later a quick trawl through the interwebZ confirmed my suspicions 'Kermit's Lair' discovered by ConcreteJungle :thumb (bugger) :p

As I peered the other side of the wall, the chamber was filling fast with all manner of stuff, including several frogs clinging on to some polystyrene

With no escape, I grabbed a quick shot and f00ked off sharpish :eek:


Knowing there was more to this place I went back the following day once the rain had stopped to check out the sewer side of the CSO

The level in the chamber behind the wall had now dropped, so I climbed over

Here, the sewer flows through a smaller pipe and underneath the overflow


Climbing under revealed the main storm overflow chamber, the tide mark was high, no wonder it was in-accessible the day before


There was a ladder tho, which after wrestling with fanny plasters led to a locked hatch

Wouldn't want to be stuck in here when it rains :rolleyes:


The main sewer flows through from a larger 6ft RCP the otherside of the main chamber, naturally I jumped in and wadered upstream

This must have been one of the town main trunk sewers, it was disgusting!


The air quality was poor, it stunk and I was roasting, I must have walked at least 60M before arriving at this inspection chamber

(Sewer Cam)


I climbed up for a quick rest and took this shot of the sewer from above, before making the executive decision to GTFO


After what seemed like an age, I was back in the much cleaner RCP and heading for the Outfall


Thanks for looking :thumb



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