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Report - Kerridge Hill quarry - Bollington - Nov 2019


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After checking out what's left of twemlow fuel bunker and feeling underwhelmed I stopped at this old quarry on the edge of Bollington just before the rain. Not much of a report - more a collection of photos of forgotten machinery. A few asbestos sheds remain but they weren't particularly photogenic and not a patch on the rusting excavators. I can't belive they were just left to rot.

Not sure of the exact name of this quarry but I found the following information on quarrying on kerridge Hill where this place sits.
The history - (cut and paste job) - The demands of mill and house builders in the town meant that a ready supply of stone was essential for the rapid development of Bollington. Fortunately, there is a source of very good building stone just beneath the surface, and many quarries were opened up on both sides of the valley of the river Dean, as well as all along Kerridge hill. In Bollington there was:
In Kerridge, there were many stone quarries, particularly along the west side of Kerridge hill. The stone was very high quality and in demand for the facing of public buildings around the country:
  • Bridge – previously Victoria quarry (1851), Bridge End quarry (1871). The Rally Road was used to transport stone from Bridge Quarry down to waiting boats on the canal.
  • Sycamore, Northend, and others.

A nice easy walk in and out. No real vandalism. I'll definitely be coming back here to do some light painting









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It's Marksend Quarry, adjacent to the active Endon Quarry. There's a fair bit more here other than the two excavators too.

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I drive a bus that goes down past that way, always wondered what was in there.. cheers for that I'll have to have a mooch round one day.

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