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Report - Kettering Roc Post Northamptonshire Aug09


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Went to this post recently and it was a nice clean post with a few good things to see inc a kubex oven,

the hatch was not on right and was letting water in but i put it back on right and tapped the padlock brackets down as tight to try and stop kids getting in as some rubbish inside,now cleared up,
water at the bottom

very sad day for me as when i went back for a revist with a friend the post was trashed and the kubex oven gone :(:(:(::mad::mad
ive had a tidy up and put stuff back as per the my picturs (does that make me weird and mad putting stuff in the same place from a picture or just obsessive on these posts ) and had alook round in the bushes for the oven but it is well and trully gone,
does my head in what people do to these i wanted to hide in the bushes with a bassball batt and wait till the idiots came back but after i calmed down sounded like a daft plan so i just left a very unhappy man
but ive been thinking and im planning to go back and search a wider area for it as i think its probally dumped in a bush/field near by if anyone wants to help its welcome as its going to take me along time otherwise to search such a big area by myself,now i really do sound like ive got ocd
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