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Report - Kettering Town Football Club - The Poppies Ground Kettering / Aug 2013

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This ground brings back so many memories to me of my younger years being a Kettering'er all of my life and a supporter, It was a bit upsetting seeing it in the state it is but on the plus side its quite a good explore :thumb Me and The Lone Shadow met at the ground at the weekend to go check it out, I for some stupid reason thought wearing shorts was a good idea which yes the sun was out but the stinging nettles were a good meter long so my poor legs got a thrashing :( lol. Its in a sore state with a lot of damage but there is still a lot of locked up places in the ground which was a bit gutting because they will be the most interesting bits but still there is a good few things to see there and worth an hour of any ones time :) Kettering town started off here in 1897 and played right through to 2011 when they then moved to their rivals Rushden & Diamonds ground Nene Park after the club folded, The club moved to the ground in hope of expanding but they left the ground in debt because its big old place and the electric bills were astronomical. The current owner of this ground has got the permission to build flats here so for how much longer it stands i dont know, It will be a shame to see it go but when its gone ill have my memories and now a report of it before its final days :) on to the pictures (i know some may be a bit blurry but i am using a camera phone until i buy a descent set up)


I see this towel dispenser which still had paper in it, pulled it then noticed its was blue not white :D

Looking over to the main stand

Signs from the late 80's early 90's the phone area code says 0536 :D


Tunnel vision :D

1 of the boxes for the upper class supporters


The commentators box and refreshments bar


Now this part was the most scariest thing iv done in a long time but i just had to do it i actually climbed to the top of the floodlights with no safety gear and my god it was HUGE i recon its an easy 100ft probably more it took a good 3 minutes or so to get up and that was constant climbing without stopping, it took all the energy out of me that much i had to sit there 10 minutes before taking pictures or thinking of climbing back down as it was swaying side to side a good foot easily, I didn't get many pics as my heart was pumping and falling from that height i would be a goner so it was up rest few pics and down


The Lone Shadow looking like an ant even though hes 6 n a half foot lol :D

Looking over at the main stand which if you look at the pic from outside the stand then this you realise how high these floodlights actually are

looking over towards Kettering as you can tell its one of the highest points in the town !

Thanks for looking people :thumb

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