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Report - - Kilkhampton ROC Post Cornwall Group Visit 12/04/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Kilkhampton ROC Post Cornwall Group Visit 12/04/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This is a relatively easy post to find located in a layby just outside Kilkhampton on the west side of the A39. There is a gate from the layby that leads into a path that takes you into the posts neat little compound. The only trouble is the layby gate is covered in over six feet of brambles:eek: so another way was found in over a barbed wire fence at the expense of some ripped jeans:mad: Anyway this is a nice post and as the interior has already been documented in "Bloomers" Post of the 03/4/08. I concerned myself with the surface structures only.


The brambles:eek: that cover the entrance to the post The layby is over the hedgerow.


Kilkhampton ROC nestles in its own little compound. The fence looks relatively new so someone must be looking after it? GCHQ Bude is in the distance, and thats another story:thumb


The entrance is open and was only secured with bailing wire which can be undone easily:)


BPI Plate and air vents with smashed gate into the compound. The air vent grills are made of metal instead of the usual wood. This seems to be the norm for ROC posts in Cornwall as a whole?

Apart from the paint peeling off and the hatch rusty this could become a nice little post especially as its in a compound. Does anyone know who owns it?