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Report - Killeshandra Convent, Ireland 28/05/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with JDholic and Speed.

The drive down from the north to here was just stunning and pure pleasure. I'd say if you wanted to experience crazy winding roads through leafy areas, go for this one. The sun was absolutely blinding as we whizzed past fields of sheep and cows that for once, weren't black and white. The car stereo was booming out Supertramp and Placebo (odd mix but it captured the mood well).

We pulled up to Killeshandra with about 3 hours of light left in the day. The ways in previously used were all blocked up so we popped on our superhero outfits and got creative.

Here's a bit of history on the convent and the Sisters of Mercy:

For 60 years Killeshandra has been home to one of the world's greatest missionary endeavors. For 60 years young women left Killeshandra to bring education, health care and, most important of all, the Christian message to the African peoples. Through their courage, their total commitment, their dedication, they have made an enormous contribution to the development of many third world countries. The full extent of this contribution may never be fully appreciated or recognized. For these brave women, their journey began in Killeshandra. They were members of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, and their convent, the mother house of the order, was situated a few miles outside of the town. At its peak the order was the largest missionary congregation for women in Ireland. Throughout the length and breadth of Ireland the sisters were simply and affectionately known as the 'Killeshandra nuns'. To tell their story is to tell the story of some of the bravest and most dedicated women ever to leave these shores.

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