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Report - Kilmory Clock Lodge, Lochgilphead, Scotland - April 2013


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Kilmory Clock Lodge is thought to have been designed by the architect JG Evans (from London) and built in the 1830s as a gatehouse to the nearby Kilmory Castle. It has a Germanic appearance, symmetrical with two storeys and attic and a high-pitched hipped slate roof. On the ground floor there are two small rooms each with a fireplace either side of the central passageway. An internal stone staircase leads up to the first floor where the floor is wooden boarded overlying jack arches. The first floor is a single large open plan room which was once wood panelled. Above the first floor is a small attic that used to contain a clock which drove three or four clock faces on the outside (only the northern clock face remains).

Since the 1970s The clock lodge has been in the ownership of Argyll and Bute District council who have their offices in Kilmory Castle. Until the early 1990s the council used the lodge as a store, at that time it had already been noted that the building was in disrepair.

The lodge is situated right beside a trunk road (A83), safe access to the site has always been a problem and has been the major factor preventing restoration and the finding of sustainable uses for the building.

The condition of the building has quickly worsened from around 2005-8 when a fire in the attic damaged the roof. Numerous feasibility studies have taken place along with various inspections and lots of talk which have sucked up various pieces of grant funding – still the condition of the building deteriorates.



Last remaining clock face (north)








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Looking pretty trashed now, nice to see though.

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