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King Edward VII Melton Mowbray - Feb-Mar 2018


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King Edward VII School (Melton Mowbray) - Or whats left of it.


Hi All,

First post here. When I went exploring this school it was not with the plan of posting it. This was my old school and I had to check it out while I could.

With more media then I could really sort I decided to upload everything for people to view if they wanted.

I'll be linking to my own site for some of this as some of the media won't upload here correctly.

So the story starts about a month ago when the buildings were all still standing. This video was taken from the Drone before we entered the site to check it was empty and clips from the Go Pro mounted on my chest (Late Feb 2018) All Photos Taken

A few weeks later after one of the buildings was down.

This is a Drone Shot of the first (Science block) as I remember it how knocked down (mid March).

2 Weeks later (End of March)

Drone Shot of most of the back of the school now down. Including the Dining Hall.

Drone Video from 1st April 2018.

First Flight Vs Last Flight

This isn't much of a story as I did not plan on posting it at the time.
Hope everyone enjoys it.

Final Note.
360 Photo to make you feel like you re there.

April 2018 from 30ft.
360 Photo from Quad



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28DL Full Member
nice shots to see whats been going on, went there a few times and was the first place i explored, its a shame to see it going:( drove by yesterday and its almost all gone