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Report - King's Bastion Expense Magazine Tunnels, Brompton, Kent, April 2017


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Day off work & sat at home doing nothing so thought I'd take advantage of the nice weather and go for a quick explore at an old disused quarry which is close to this site, and a friend saw one of my posts on social media and told me about this small set of tunnels as soon as I got in the car to go home. The entrance is in a Sally Port (which looks sealed from the road), so I never thought to go and have a look, but upon closer inspection there's a way through. Apparently this entrance gets regularly sealed/locked shut, and judging by all the beer cans down there & the smell of weed it's probably where the many Medway hobos go to play.

Although it's a nice change to go somewhere that's not full of asbestos, as you can see in some of the pictures the air gets pretty dusty in this warm weather after you've had a walk/crawl around.

Anyway, I couldn't find much about the history on the gaff, but what I found was it was dug by the 179th Tunneling Company of the Royal Engineers of Chatham & the brick-lined tunnels are Napoleonic era gun rooms, and the chalk tunnels were dug out in WW2 as a shelter for ATS personnel from the nearby Chatham Barracks. (Source)

Loads of nettles and brambles everywhere so I nearly missed the entrance

Another entrance but this one's locked shut & overgrown

What you are greeted by when you enter the main passage

Two chalk tunnels next to each other (both of which are sealed buried in at the end :()

No way I'm getting through there...

The fear of falling rocks is real, the metal supports not really doing much

And after a pointless crawl round what used to be a spiral staircase, I found this had been filled in... Might be something cool under all that dirt

And if you want to crawl up the 'staircase', you'll be greeted by a sealed entrance & buried barbed wire

Not the most interesting of sites nowadays, but a pretty cool find in a ditch which seems to lead nowhere :thumb

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