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Report - Kings Hall Cinema, London - July 2017


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"The King’s Hall was built in 1916 and was designed by architect Sir Alfred Gelder of Hull. The King’s Hall building has a 3-storey red brick and stone facade. It was operated by the Uxbridge and Southall Wesleyan Mission and it was soon screening religious films.

By 1926, it was operating as a regular cinema, still managed by the Methodist church.

The King’s Hall Cinema was closed in 1937. It then reverted back to a Methodist Church use as the King’s Hall Methodist Church. They vacated the building in January 2013."

Visited with Dweeb, Speed, Ojay and Olivia as we were passing through.
I really enjoyed this place, it was a nice relaxed explore and the building is really beautiful and it's tile heaven! It's a shame the state it's in after only a few years. It certainly isn't the usual cinema explore but it's well worth seeing in my opinion.

















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What a cool explore that is - the tiles and ceiling are great, but I really like the curious juxtaposition of the religious artifacts (like the vestry and prayer thing hanging down) and the cinematic regalia (the auditorium). Not something I would have put together.


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Its a church with a projection room more than a cinema with a pulpit but interesting place none the less.