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Report - King's Mill Crane, Huddersfield - April 2013


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King's Mill Crane, Huddersfield - April 2013

Visited with Fudge

Huddersfield likes students. The town is currently very preoccupied erecting a load of new student accommodation and facilities in and around the town in preparation for the Autumnal onslaught of undergraduates.

I didn’t really have a great deal of excitement about these cranes, initially. The site is situated in the shadow of the town, on the banks of the River Colne and other than the initial “Oh look, cranes in Huddersfieldâ€￾ moment, their prominence in my mind was as fleeting as the obscured view I get of them from Chapel Hill on my regular bus route through the Holme Valley.

However, after a torrential downpour and some noisy PIR-activated, pre-recorded security guards had scuppered our earlier plans, Fudge and I thought we better head over to take a look.

The skies had cleared, and with the modest pair still soaked from the rains, we plotted our path on site and past security. Getting up the thing was a little bit awkward, but nothing too taxing and the experience was a lot quieter than your inner-city crane - it’s not even in the centre of town. After a short-while chilling and taking photos, we made our way down and sharply got off site.






Some time later, we both remarked that we were rather pleased with ourselves for getting round to it.

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